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Our Mission

Mission is to enhance the quality of life for the less-fortunate people (infants, children, women, the blind & disabled and orphans) nationally and worldwide through other human health activities, support to education, agriculture, safe drinking water, provision of homes/shelters for the homeless, peace and conflict resolution, emergency relief and ultimately end hunger and overcome hardship.

Our Vision

Envisioned to implement sustainable programs that will improve access to less-fortunate people the opportunity to achieve their fullest potentials and participate in and contribute to all aspects of lifesaving services now and for the future generations.

Our Core Values

Our core values include but not limited to:
a. Service beyond self
b. Respect for human rights
c. Maintain our vision
d. Responsibility
e. Cooperation beyond borders
f. Accountability
g. Truthfulness
h. Transparency
i. Integrity
j. Voluntarism

a. Service beyond self: CRF, on the whole, is established to serve the less-fortunate people. While responsibly maintaining itself, we integrate self-development and individual concerns with public concerns, focusing on higher, broader, and more public levels of service.

b. Respect for human rights: CRF does not violate any person’s fundamental human rights, with which each person is endowed, as recognized for example in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. CRF fully recognized that all people are born free and equal in dignity and rights (Article 1), and she is sensitive to the moral values, religion, customs, traditions, and cultures of the communities she serves.

c. Maintain our vision: CRF remains focused by not only seeing the reality of the world as it is, but also envisioning the world as it should be. We also maintain our founding spirit and passion, keeping Organization’s tangible dreams while learning from its victories and challenges.

d. Responsibility: CRF is entrusted with a responsibility to the public, she takes ownership of the task at hand, taking initiatives and proactively pulling together resources of all types in order to find and implement feasible solutions. We demonstrate ownership of itself, accountable for the execution and outcomes of its stated and expected goals, and strive for excellence in its works.

e. Cooperation beyond borders: CRF have a shared responsibility to address the serious challenges confronting humanity in its targeted areas. We strongly belief that significant progress toward world peace and global well-being can be fostered through inter-religious, intercultural, and interracial work, and across artificial barriers of politics, race, and ethnicity that tend to separate people and their institutions. We maintain ethical, cooperative relationships with other NGOs, and always prepared to partner where possible and appropriate for the sake of the greater public good and with organizations and individuals that share common values and objectives.

f. Accountability: CRF remains accountable for its actions and decisions, primarily to the community it serves, and also to its funding agencies, the government, staff and volunteers, members, partner organizations, and the public at large.

g. Truthfulness: CRF is truthful in its dealings with its donors, project beneficiaries, staff, members, partner organizations, government, and the general public. Any information given out are accurate, whether regarding itself and its projects, or regarding any individual, organization or project. We strongly opposed to, and not a willing partner to, corruption, bribery, and other financial improprieties or illegalities.

h. Transparency: CRF is transparent in its dealings with the government, the public, donors, partners, beneficiaries, and other interested parties, except for personal matters and proprietary information.

i. Integrity: CRF maintain its integrity as a Not-For-Profit Organization, that is organized and continue to operate as such, with any surplus generated through its operations to be utilized solely to help the organization fulfill its mission and objectives.

j. Voluntarism: CRF is legally formed by private initiatives, resulting from the voluntary actions of individuals who have chosen to pursue a shared interest of concern to serve humanity. The retaining of voluntary values and principles remains as a primary force in our way of working.

Cry Respond Foundation

Cry Respond Foundation

Cry Respond Foundation


Show love to the needy, orphans and less privileged ones, reward is always awaiting for people that shows love to the needy.


Have compassion on orphans and less privileged ones, reward is always awaiting for people that shows Compassion to the needy.


A giver never cry for food, make your charitable gift to orphans and less privileged ones, reward is always awaiting for people that shows Charity to the needy.

Our Gallery

Cry Respond Foundation motive is to make sure that orphans, less privileged individuals like the blind, lame, deaf and people that have health issues such like people living with HIV virus will have a better medication and be taking care of. Below are glimpse of photos from our gallery